The Red Lotus




It is the Thousand-petaled Lotus. It is the fascinating Dream. It is blossoming. It is dawning!

The Knowledge.

Bharatham is the Ancient Land of eternal Knowledge. The sacred red lotus representing jnanam- the

Knowledge. Every thing is emerging from Knowledge alone. The Rishi always stressed this. If cognition is absent there is no world. For example, if one is sleeping, he has no knowledge of the material world. That is why the Rishi is assuring only the Knowledge is the Truth.

The concept of the Thousand-petaled Lotus is subtle. Thousand means 'Sahasram'- Anamtham- the Unbound!

Now we can conceive it very easily.

It is dawning! The Lotus is blossoming! The Jyoti- the Light- is emerging. Darkness disappearing!

This is Nascent Poetry.

From silence to sound to syllable to word to Poetry. Poetry is Thought; and thought is Music.

Music ultimately dissolves into Silence! . This is the cycle. The life.

Thus Nascent Poetry is that being evolved newly from Silence! Thought is the chemical Agent. The

whole process is the providential perpetual reaction. The Chemistry of Life.

Sure, This is This Moment. Do you feel the fragrance? Do you enjoy the Celestial Joy?

Yes It is dawning!

The Secret of the Concept of Padmam- the Lotus:

The root of the lotus flower is in mud. This explains the beauty of the Concept. It is the symbol of Beauty and Knowledge. We feel that it is emerging from Nothingness. True it is! Nascent Poetry is

evolving from that Bliss.

In Mythology of Bharatham a volley of magic realistic thoughts could be detected. The Lotus is one of the most expressive symbolic representation of subtle Thought.

In other words, Nascent Poetry is there from the time of Ramayana, the Adikavya. It is evolved; not


'Mom, prospect thine,

The Intuit intimate mine;

The sterling sparkling fine,

Virtuous noble colorless fine.'

(Avyayam-the Absolute- 'Nascent Poetry- poem-1)

These lines represent typically this concept. It was there in Bhaaratheeyakavitha from the time of the

Epics. I stress- Magic Realism is Bhaaratheeyam(Ancient Indian) : not Western. Ofcourse, Biblical,

Greek and so on stories are also Magic Realistic.


Further elaboration in this view is quite possible. Different arguments could easily be possible.

It is open to discussion and welcome.

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by dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath

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