The Red Miata

Poem By Liilia Talts Morrison

If there's one thing you just gotta
It's to buy a small Miata.
Color red is much preferred
Lest you blend in with the herd.

This cool wedge they call a car
Certainly will take you far.
Heads will turn as gas you burn
Top down, shades up, two wheel turn.

Offers pour in left and right
Fend them off with all your might.
Though there is a tiny quandry -
Where to put your dirty laundry.

Whizzing, grooving in the rain
Thumbs up signs from those more sane.
Piling hikers in the rear -
Nabbed by cops can be a fear

Bottom line, my friend, is this:
Though this sports job is a bliss,
When you trade for a sedan
Thank the Lord that you still can.

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