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The Red Rose
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

The Red Rose

Poem By Alison Cassidy

You offer me a red rose
The little prince loved her

I hold her carefully
Because of the thorns

I breathe your rose
And am transported

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Transported...do all flowers do that? Or is it the special ones that are given in softness and pure honesty of the heart of the giver? Gentle, relaxing, able to transport soft petals into the sight and hands of the reader. How lovely, Alison. You have a gentle soul.xxElysabeth
Smelt the fragrance and forgotten the thorns! Such a bright Red Rose?
My love is like.........sigh. Alison, complete.
A delightful metaphor of eternal love...
OMG>...this one's perfect..yes love has thorns in the way but it transports you to...another world! Lovely piece! Preets
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