The Red Star Of Orion

The first big star of Orion
that appears above the horizon in the North,
the red one in his shoulder,
was already the Star of Storms
by when the great storm of Juno
scattered the fleeing fleet of Aeneas of Troy
immediately after its rising.

Did the earlier storm,
that gave that star its name,
too, give 'red'
its 'perilous' symbolizing?

by Douglas Scotney

Comments (1)

Deciphering Greek and Roman mythology always a Herculean task. Probably right in there with the 30 great tasks if I remember the number correctly that Hercules had to perform. Mars, the red planet, another warmonger. Lady in Red.... I guess I could go on and on. Interesting question posed above and yes rising and symbolizing better than the ism's.