The Red Sunset

After the red sunset
An eerie darkness ensues
Blood is no longer

by Anahita Tahmasbi Click to read full poem

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A red sunset is a sign of white sunrise. A multidimentional poem. Thanks
like / very nice..........................
Can then Death be our ally? For only in death will our souls, East and West... become as one. Truly a great Write Anahita, You have the wisdom of a great Philospher, the beauty of a princess. Great Ink! ; -0 -Kelly
Great poem! Well written!
Ego, is the enemy. I loved that...
A deep poem and it's hard to give a simple concept of it. Yet, in my point of view after the sunset the life begins, the day ends and the sacred night borns. The night in which so many things happen, weird and usual. You also may meant death, as I mentioned above, it's a deep poem.