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The Reductionist Method
AJ (30/01/1970 / Western Australia)

The Reductionist Method

Poem By Amanda Joy

It intrigues me, this making
by taking away.
A bare space, which draws
meanings only

Where something has dropped.
An undulation uncovered
as slivers slide, filed, chiselled
fast, hard to the floor.

The block of rock rounds
down revealing
A mutual devotion between
sculptor and form


I am not a reductionist.
I place things together.


These are my thoughts;
as I watch, limply,
As fists of frustration
beat in your chest

I cannot replace that which
you have taken away
I am passive, I remain, me, as
I was when you started

As you hold these inhibitions,
attempt to collect pieces
Sweep more of unwanted discoveries
into dark silent corners

A study for dust mites, detectives
and small eyed archivists.
Fragmented, in this world which
demands things finished

I wonder, as you grasp
at this air around you
What certainties you find
in the palm of your hand.

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Yep...... Should be published! Well Done. Roger.