(1894-1963 / Godalming)

A Poetic Day


Here I sit where all makes sense
found submersed passivity
in Morning dews drench
psalms of calm on the wind was sent
practical intuition to find
forth hence.

It's hidden under the ficus tree
blended in darkness all shadowy
a peace an ease lucidity
I need but seek and it comes to me.


Walking along the ocean side
I watch my reflection in the changing tide
thoughts ripple
and gently wash along the shore.

The sound of seabirds along the breeze
blended compendiums of harmony
without glitch perfect in pitch
tuned to mothers natures creed.


Sitting in the near full moonlight
Palms singing the song of wind
Life flowed in designs
unclouded Moonshine
With a speckling of Stars in the blend.

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