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The Reflection. [2]

I sense the gum leaves from fresh country air
I sense your nearness when you're not there.
I sense the favourite foods you like to eat
I sense the paddocks of harvested wheat.

This is how you sense me
I am a reflection of you - you see.

I see you happy - I see you smile
I see you rush - then pause a while.
I see you glad and I see you sad
I see you elated and I see you mad.

This is how you see me
I am a reflestion of you - you see.

I smell your arrival as you enter a room
I smell the fragrance of you perfume.
I smell your fresh body as you come close to mine
I smell our togetherness, as the purity of a fine wine.

This is how you smell me
I am a reflection of you - you see.

I hear your voice call to me in despair
I hear the fear and loneliness in the air.
I hear the cold winds whistling through the trees
I hear the soft murmurs of a lonely lover's tease.

This is how you hear me
I am a reflection of you - you see.

I taste the saltiness of love from your teasing nips
I taste the lingering kiss from your hungry lips.
I taste your needs from your masculine skin
I taste the burning love radiating from within.

This is the way you taste to me
I am a reflection of you - you see.

I feel the touch of the blood-red rose
I feel it's petals so soft on my nose.
I feel the need to have you close to me
I feel the want of your love for eternity.

This is how you feel for me
I am a reflection of you - you see.

I love to sense that you love me too
I love to feel the closeness of you.
I love to taste your musky male scented skin
I love to smell you as your heart races within.
I love to see the love in your eyes
I love to hear your voice, it is wise.
I love to love you now and forever
I love you completely when we are together.

This is how I love you
I am a reflection of you - you see.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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The title completely justifies the poem which is also excellently writtem. A full 10. Ashish.