The Reflection

I sat and watched, this young child play;
she stayed in the corner, on that dark day.

I watched her laugh, I watched her pretend;
'She's really happy, yet where were her friends'?

She seemed wrapped up, in her own small world;
this precious child, this withdrawn little girl.

She appeared to be, quite content;
to be all alone, where ever she went.

Then the sunset began, and I noticed a tear;
her face held an expression, of terror and fear.

She put away her toys, laid her dollys' to rest;
she was meticulous and careful, during her quest.

I heard a voice, calling out to her;
'It's bedtime, come along, don't doddle my dear'.

At that moment, I can't explain why;
tears welled up, in her troubled eyes.

She quietly did, what she was told;
all she had in her bed, was a blanket to hold.

She turned over, facing the wall;
and I saw her teardrops, silently fall.

I knew at that moment, that something was wrong;
yet I had to turn away, I wasn't that strong.

How could I understand, her pain and grief;
Because this little girl, grew up to
be me.

by Ruth warren

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