The Reign


Oh wistful mind that plays in the street
Stone cold toes under thick crest feet
Dirty flock and tear stained sheath
Pockets hide life underneath

In light life does what's required
Rest O victim when night transpires
Little value to earth sore King
Potions hidden in golden ring

Sun blinds a green painted eye
Yet swollen colors whisper why
When all is obtained need and more
There hidden beneath heavy door

Treasure or treason the expression goes
Soon the life of new sovereignty woes
All contemplations tender and mild
Live a life hidden that's wild

Life of fancy and bellies that rumble
All the squires riff their mumbles
Yet the throne takes his steal
At his authority and very will

© cat hodgson

by Cathy Hodgson

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if your writing aims to impress, you've succeeded abundantly here! exquisite!