DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

The Reigning Snow

In the name of, my blue view I,
Brought it all, it was all untrue I,
Know I’m left desperate, and it shows
And through the reigning snow I'm, now very very slow

Within the name of choice I,
Chose the path of voice and I,
Speak loudly with points to show
But the reigning snow leaves me desperate and slow

Who keeps pouring the reigning snow upon my bow I’l,
Shoot poisoned arrows to the sky igniting all and every rainbow but I,
Left before I had to go, due too the reigning pouring freezing snow
So from here where do I go

In the name of my blue view I,
Steal away one day from you and I,
Will escape the charade which shapes the reigning snow
Released from my hell and too heaven I shall go,
But there’s room for too but only if you wanted too

Im a little slow desperate and it shows

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