JSN (27/06/65 / Sevenoaks Kent UK)

The Remembrance Poppy

The poppy serves as a reminder
Of those who've gone before
Those who fell in battle
And the innocents of war

It reminds us of fallen comrades
And those we never knew
As we stand in reverent silence
With heartfelt grief that's true

So we wear our poppies with dignity
And wear our poppies with pride
We wear our poppies and remember
Not just those who've died

We remember too, the injured
And those who are now maimed
The soldiers, sailors and airmen
Who live with war ingrained

And taking time for reflection
On the barbarity of man
From the mud and blood of Flanders
To Iraq and Afghanistan

We think of those who live each day
With conflict in their brain
And those who suffer always
With unremitting pain

Remaining ever mindful
That war is never won
When we take up arms
And follow the beating drum

For win or lose it matters not
As people always die
Children lose their fathers
And mothers always cry

So wear your poppy with dignity
And wear your poppy with pride
Wear your poppy and remember
Not just those who've died

Remember those they've left behind
Who live each day in sorrow
Regretting that they gave their day
So we could have tomorrow

The price of conflict is always high
And to the fallen we owe a debt
So as we stand in remembrance
Let us not forget!

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