PK (05/02/89 / On The Coast, Canada)

The Reopening Of A Lost Love

Come on baby I want you to show me your soul
Give me your riddles and we'll solve them slow
Create those picturesque scenes so maybe we'll last
You can be my island and I'll be an outcast

When we set about that night I met you at the park
I can still seen the reflection of your eyes in the dark
Your golden hair waving like a flag in a storm
Memories still look better even when they are torn

At first you were my queen and I was kneeling
But then time came in and ruined that feeling
Looking back I know I should have done things right
Because of me we both went into that good night

Weeks went by and life for me remained still
I became a blue cold but I wasn't ill
There wasn't much to do but to go back above
I'll either go into dust or find you again my love

To see you all the same and so pure like the sky
My heart started to beat and my misery had died
And finding ourselves again to remake it whole
Learning from love that it can never be controlled

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B eing in love e ver so great r are in life n ot to find a nother love r isk not for another d on't leave the one true love!