The Replacement

A friend once told me,
we replace people we have lost.

Not a careless, indifference to uniqueness,
just away of substituting someone
we would rather not live without.

I have always considered that observation a correct one,
recently I have had cause to reconsider.

A partner we expect to trust,
love and cherish
Equally we expect these gifts in return.

Children we love, wonder at,
keep a tender spot for them,
no matter how they may disappoint or desert.

We still see them as our beloved,
our real investment in the future.

There has not been a substitute for my children
I have found my life extremely empty.
They do not appear to have, or need, a replacement for me.

by peter rodenby

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last line is very very sad and unexpected Peter, hopefully when my children leave(and I stress when) they will remember me smiffy