The Rescue

Poem By Mabelle Atienza

a little boy and a girl of seven
went to swim in the river at ten
after school was over
time to relax, time to enjoy
no more classes, vacation is here again

it was sunny, and the river was calm
fine weather, went to swim, they don't give a damn

suddenly it rain so hard
rushing sound from above
thunder and lightning seems to hit the place
waters from the mountain rushing in so fast

swimming as fast as they could
to a safer ground, where there were other friends waiting
ahh, the girl sighed in relief..she was saved!

the boy did not make it
his lifeless body was found few meters away from her
a frail, good looking boy, whose life could have been spared
if there were only people nearby for him to be saved

a promise was made to this little girl of seven
she will be a swimmer and a diver in the end
many years later, that little girl of seven
grew up to be a fine swimmer in her school
a promise was fulfilled, she became a volunteer
to a group of rescuers to save lives.

it was again a sunny day, and the weather was fine
with some friends and relatives, they went to the sea
in an island to explore it's wonderful site below

and lo and behold, they saw a little boy of seven
screaming and shouting for help, for his dear life
their small boat was turn upside down
the memories again in that awful Saturday at ten
brought back to this girl of seven

with all her might and with all her strength
she swam as fast as she could
got hold of his neck
and swam again to the waiting arms
of her companions

a rescue.. a life was saved! a small gesture
a promise made by the little girl was fulfilled

i could not imagined..that i have done this
for so many years, it was there in my memories
in my heart..a memorable event..

because that little girl of seven was me.

Thank you for reading one of my most memorable
event that happened in my life when i was seven years


Comments about The Rescue

Your experience and your promise actualized is a success for you in your wonderful life. May god bless you for the job you have undertaken. arya
very interesting....well done
What a beautiful and touching story. I'm glad you shared it. Ron
Great true -to- life story in poetry my friend... its indeed a remarkable and memorable gesture of heroism on your part! Just the kind of person that should multiply in this filthy word where many innocents have drown into sinfulness! Regards.
Oh Meggie, again you make me cry! ! ! And again your ability to turn tragedy into a positive outcome for all to benefit from just shows the strenght of your character. Thank you for being so... so... well, Meggie! ! ! mahal kita always, Lee

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