(August 27th,1979 / India)

The Resonating Note

I knew not of the place and time
Or the forces that lead me there
But stranded I was, in the dark
With a guitar, left, for my pair.

I knew not of its shade or wood
Or ways to hold, to pluck or play
Yet, fingers somehow slid and hit
A heavenly note, lighting the day.

That note, I swear, that day did make:
The bod of earth, as soft as silk
The blood of sea, as sweet as wine
And cheek of night, as white as milk.

To learn the art, the legs did leave
To lands beyond the sights of mind
As nothing less would quite suffice
The piece of craft, the hands did find

For years I learnt, as much I could:
Of chords, and sharps, and bars, and scales
To hold, to pull, to slide, to strike
And acoustics of sounds, and waves

The learned now, has many met
And walked on many strings and frets
Yet that note I heard, when none I knew
Somehow, inside, still, resonates...

by Pradeep Dhavakumar

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