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The Rest Of Your Life
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The Rest Of Your Life

Poem By yashodhara ghosh

Today is the first day of the rest of your life
You stand at the threshold of a smile,
Enter through these portals, cast your fears aside,
Rest your feet here for a while.

The days will merge and months collide
As you fly on the wings of time,
The slopes to success, sharp and steep,
Beckon, urge you to climb.

The sands of time are running fast
The hours fleeting by,
Rise from slumber to slow awakening,
Catch the hours as they fly.

The lamp is lit, the candle burns,
The key is in your hand,
The key to knowledge, light and love
To everything you understand.

Soon enough the shrouds will lift
And clarity embrace,
As you tread the path of troubles and trammels,
With dignity and grace.

Water your saplings, nurture your dreams,
Be pure dutiful and true,
Work and learn, seek and know,
Be proud that you are YOU.

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a lovely poem revealing how the world works and the wonder of the world and the wonder of the soul keep up the good work