LR (7/22/89 / Rochester NY)

The Restless Soul

Another sleepless night drags on
add another notch to the bedroom door.
Two rows of five and one more of four
this one makes fifteen and I know there'll be more.

My mind races through
the shames of every day,
If i could ever make these thoughts disapear,
then to sleep i would go and quickly fade away.

One by one,
the memories attack me.
leaving me breathless,
and no shred of a soul's seen.

Loves that were lost,
hates that were fueled.
There's no one now standing by my side
I've lost everything, now i'm just a tool.

Take me in my weakened state
and mold me into what you hate.
Take me and my weakened mind
and change me into what is fine

Use me as a tool of war
use me then you'll beg for more.
Beat them with my broken bones
Hurl at them my tainted soul.

Open up my lifeless flesh
and pour inside me something new.
Something different, never seen
and let me start my life with you.

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Comments (2)

I thought this poem was wonderful. It truely touched me when I read it. Keep writing great poems. R Painter
This is very powerful Logan. Wonderful poem. Sincerely, Mary