The Results Of Truth In Action

Never had I had the opportunity,
To have others rally in support...
Of my deluded accusations.
Nor have people rushed to my defense,
Based upon allegations I falsely made.

And after witnessing this in a process done,
By the ones who have had some come to their aid...
I can say with a gratefulness,
Happy am I that I have not been tempted...
To lie on others.

Paying the ultimate price,
To have time correct those wrongs to make right...
For those who have been victimized,
Does not achieve what deceivers expect...
When one's mental and physical health become subjected,
To live lives others can eventually see for themselves...
The results of truth in action.
Requiring little, if any, judgement needed to pass.

A payback delivered is in the proof of observation.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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