Satisfaction & Love!

No man has ever ruled the Earth
It's always Earth that has ruled man.
Without it's harvest and the hunt
All life would soon sift through the sand.

The waters of Earth quench our thirst
While from the soil, green plants grow.
Earth is God's garden of outer space
And the only one yet we know.

We might think that Earth is ours
Made for us, to plunder at our pleasure.
Actually, it's God's testing ground of life
For human's to prove their measure.

Where the path to right is always narrow
The road to wrong is always wide.
The soul of man is prone to falter
As we eagerly feed our pride.

No one finds fulfillment from serving themselves
Happiness takes place, by our unselfish concern.
The more we repent and regret our mistakes
The more we are able to share what we learn.

Tally your blessings and stay grateful for life
Remember there are those who wish they were you.
Satisfaction and love are what mortals pray for
Though the lucky who feel both, are few!

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by Tom Zart

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I first. heard these poems when I was about six years old. Albert and the Lion being the first. I am now 90 Years old and still get a great deal if pleasure both from reading them and seeing the faces of a deighted young audience of children. Long may they give pleasure to young ones! ! !