The Revelations Of Great Men

If you do something good in return,
You aren’t good; you settled a due.

If you do something good intently,
You aren’t good; you simply invested.

If you ask pardon for a fevour,
You aren’t great; it’s a strategy.

If you give pardon to one mightier,
You aren’t great with no alternatives.

If you speak truth when comfortable
And be honest when convenient

You cannot boast of yourself as great
As any mean one could do them at ease.

You aren’t great being just in matters
Where being otherwise of no advantage.

You aren’t great with the veil you’ve made
Of good deeds to hide the ill gotten.

You aren’t great with philanthropy
From the undue or unfair wealth got.

But for few, all great men may forgive me
For the revelations made of them.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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