The Revenge..

silently motioned himself,
admidst the fluttering wilderness..
the moonlight shone..
flooding light, killing darkness..

deep breaths, his companion,
the will to kill, his only remedy..
excruciating pain, embracing, engulfing..
thoughts of the submerged, risen..

sweat decorating his brow,
alike inward pain killing his soul..
thoughts, a little hand..
touching his mammoth abode..

a body, that covered his love filled soul..
now all tired, avengefull, no sweet home..
what wrongs did he commit?
none! to get so cruelly punished..

the little angel, returning..
to the heavenly home..
a wife, the companion,
he loved more than him, gone..

silent life he led, peace..
why did the rascal sin against him then?
justice all facade had borne..
power had taken, all he shone..

a fit of fury rises within,
when he halucinates, his child..
struggling to win..
the live, taken away..
(oh! why this sin?)

and waits he patiently, the rascal awhile,
he takes out quietly, the imprint aside, ..
the paper that bore, the hand of his child..
he took it, when love was by his side..

a tear finds its place, out of his eyes,
n places itself, his wrinkled parchment..
slowly he folds it, n places..
the last touch, near his heart..

then took out the gun,
all set to kill,
the revenge would meet,
the end of sin..

admidst the howling winds,
footsteps he hears,
prepares himself,
with a silent prayer..

God! he would say,
pardon me, the sin i would do,
to punish a sinner,
a crime, i would do..

the sinner arrives,
the avenger, closes his eyes..
thoughts of love flash by,
he opens his eyes, takes the aim, his aide..

the sinner passes by,
his hand, in a little hand,
cluthed in the sinner's,
FATHER! FATHER! the sound echoes high..

the avenger sees his little daughter,
in the girl, as she passes by..
would he! could he!
was all he asked himself..

a sinner sinned against him,
would he do the story again,
he lost his daughter,
how could he take away a father then!

n slowly he closes his eyes,
remembers the laughter of his lost child,
he picks up the gun, puts it up,
n finds himself, next to his daughter,
in the wonderfull sky..

by nupur singhal

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