The Rhino's Case-A Special Concern

(Stage Opens)

Black Rhino- My Existence Calls for Urgent Special Attention. As Crime With the Reward is
The Real Intention.

Man- Your Concern Really Calls for a Real Urge Such is the Need as What Matters is Real Effort's

Black Rhino- Only Words will Fail to Accomplish the Job As What will MatterIn Huge Numbers
When People will do Active Participation,

Man(Affirms) - Then Justice Will be in Anticipation.

Rhino- On What Definition Do You Call Such Practice a Sport. Only Crime is the Main Aim behind
This as What Matters is the Active Effort,

Man- On What Right Do you Practice. What is Missing is the Realization.

Rhino (Interrupts) - With Our Blood as an Acquisition.

Man- If Trophy and Rewards are the Main Intention Why not Feeding and Medical Attention An

Rhino (Smiles) - If Such Practice Comes In Presence Won't we Thankful for Securing our Existence.

Man- The Time has Came For People to Show their Real Power of Unification. Under Right of
Choice Only Crime is Part of your Justification.

Black Rhino- For Your Support I Am that Thankful What matters are Efforts So Bountiful.

Black Rhino (Continues) - If Our Murder is A Sport then Murder of Innocence Should Also
Make a Presence. To Save our Lives Efforts are needed In Immense.

Man- What they do is not a Concern But their Criminal's Wish Fulfillment.Little do they know
What they do is nothing but Torment.

Rhino- Like my Freind Said The Definition of Reward will Give it's Ultimate Form When in Place
of Weapons and Ammunition You will Give me Food and Medical Attention in The Inclusion
When you See Cruel Practice In Vision Irrespective of your Interest it is your Primal Duty to
Bring the Abuse in Attention.

Man (Affirms) - Your Active Part will Enable Them to Show the Criminal's their Accurate Destination Not only are the Hunters Guilty In Crime But also your Silence or Sporting Animal
Prints Fur or Animal Body Parts Carry Criminal definition's Possibility.

Rhino (Smiles) - Only Justice will be Possible When Such Picture in Visibility.

Protecting Animals is Mandatory.


by Rohan Bendre

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