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The Riddle
(November 6 / Cebu, Philippines)

The Riddle

A poem I wrote last 2 years ago,
that was when i courted my girlfriend

I had with me a riddle though
That no one knows the answer so
For all they have is just a guess
To throw at me, oh what a mess

But since you want to hear it then
My riddle now i'll say it when
You'll throw a kiss on me and say
'I'll love you now and everyday'.

So well I see your bashful smile
And read your thoughts in just a while
You've said those words just in your mind
So here's the riddle; here's the bind:

In ups and downs, it jumps and shouts
It looks and feels, for all the bouts
It knows a song for you to sing
It likes you more in everything

Sometimes it cries when you're away
Sometimes it smiles when you would stay
And always grieves when you were gone
For it desires for you and none

It likes itself to feel this more
It felt this way like this before
It has no wings though it can fly
It could then fall when you pass by

So here you are at me you stare
I just don’t know to guess you dare
But if a clue you wish to know
to give i cant if that is so

Just look at me and read my lips
The chanting on my fingertips
Or feel the beat within my heart
If you would wish to answer start

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Comments (1)

Of all your poems, I like this one the best, Not to say the others are any less But your metre and rhyme flows As from line-to-line the thoughts go. Sometimes the words don't have to fit To carry on the thought a bit, It's like music in a special way, As you practice the scale night and day. Your riddle seems to me to be, A heart that pounds up and down in rythym can't you see, But perhaps, it's something else because, You've hidden the clues according to poetry's laws. I'll save the poem for another day And see if it has something else to say. Till then you have written a puzzle That far exceeds the reader's noodle. s