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The Ride
AC Azura Cerise ( / )

The Ride

Hitch hiking through the country with you
Is just fun
Bunking the school classes
And disappearing into the back side hills

Travelling along roads that lay prostate along mad hills
On a cycle
The wheels revolving faster than the earth or the sun
And my heart leaping to my mouth...

Your wrists on mine
The chime of cycle bells at times
To interrupt in my dreams...
Your stern shoulders heavily placed on mine
And I can feel your breath on the naked part of my back
And Your knees clinging to my naked ones
My skirt flying erratic in the air
And I make no effort to keep it right

It's alright...
I'm with you.

And the trees look at us like genies
And I fear them and creep nearer to you...

We ride to a fresh stream
Waters kissing the banks
And flooding them occassionally.

We dive in
Leaving our clothes on the bank...

You care not to touch me
And pretend you are not watching me...

And then the evening falls
And we turn back.

I am again alone with myself.

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