The Ridiculousness Of The Ridiculous

The ridiculousness Of the ridiculous.
And the need many have found this to be,
An asset in their lives to depend upon.
More are seeking to stay medicated,
Just to remain abreast with the effects of it.
Since consciousness and sanity,
Has all but left...
Anyone with a reason,
To identify where, how and why...
The importance of having either,
Would be noticed when applied.
The more ridiculous anything gets,
The more prioritized in lives it becomes.
People seemed to be thrilled,
To rely upon the ridiculous.
Wherever it is.
As if one feels a comfort from it kept.
Like an illness one seeks,
Not for a cure. Oh no!
But a remedy that will rid,
The symptoms and signs of normalcy.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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