The Ridiculousness Of Truth

So ridiculous has truth today become,
Some are seen in public praying...
To remain deluded,
As long as possible.

We are living in times,
When even those clearly...
Have lost their minds,
Seem to be envied...
For finding an alternative,
To be totally detached...
From a normalcy others pretend,
Isn't crazed and everywhere displayed
With kept beliefs,
Their way of life...
Diseased by mental illness.
And increased denial,
Has become threatened...
By jealous terrorists,
With hidden motives to undermine...
Standards to value,
They have found to be one of a kind.
To destroy and replace it,
For a madness to duplicate...
On other shores to be adored.

When in fact,
They have wishes to assist...
Building a wall around this madness.
And have threatened they can do it,
As quickly as possible...
Before the epidemic spreads,
To infect the entire world.
And all the Earth's inhabitants.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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