The Rift Apart

The winds may not meet your eye

as time flies..

The sun may not touch you with its strokes

the rains may not drizzle on you

the lightning will not photograph you

The rainbows will not see you as its jealous of your color..

the peacocks will not dance when they see you

Byron cannot write a poem as he finds it difficult to

quote or describe for it can never be another you and me

Down below you will see a thin lean log

near the heart of it you will see no Dog

that's where it lies because it's my friend

who never knows my end..

Time will bring the bridge

closer to the ridge

the ridge should be guarded closely

as it contains the friendship of Kesav and me....

(Kesav is my best friend and inspirer)

by Praveen Claude Fernandez

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I see, Kesav is not just a good poet but a very good motivator at the same time. Very nice for a start! Keep writing.. :)