No Nay Nevermore

NO nay; Nevermore: Be I alone, forever so more, HER my bewilderer, do I ever adore; never, no never shall I have HER love occur. My FARAH, Oh my FARAH correlates me yea does HER; forever forever nay no nevermore! My FARAH my FARAH, she so feels my leaking sore; my FARAH my FARAH, that be she is my penetrating reviving black core! Oh my FARAH, my FARAH, nay no nevermore! Forever, forever, does pain knocketh upon my door; my door my door, dying with my FARAH no nay nevermore! Rays of light flourish OUR sentiments; Love was ours till the dawning hour, of our delaying blemishes. Nay, nay no nay nevermore, for HER evermore! Resurrection of 'US'; no nay nevermore! Twas the call, the call, of the orange colored crow; lo! Was its word, whence my tears did flow. Forever, no never did it say; Oh my FARAH, Oh my FARAH SHE dyed my heart red of every color. On that gloaming perpetual day! Oh my FARAH, my FARAH, no nay nevermore! My beating, my thwarting, for it; it is HER! That I am to soar, nay nay said the crow no nevermore! For FARAH is my soul! Reddened deep as black coal. My love, Oh my love dieth it does; me and my FARAH BRISTY together WE are; US ONE WE ARE! One naught did I run no nay nevermore! For my heart lost its interior so nay no nay no nay nevermore! HER, my FARAH BRISTY does FATE abhore. Nay, I love HER; and HER heart defeated fate, for me and FARAH BRISTY; WE are for one anothers SAKE! SITUATE, Oh situate, for me, as to HER; WE are of the ONE BELOVED OUR ONLY LIVING TRAIT THIS OH THIS, Be for the element upon which WE wait! -End- 

by Daegonius Bonapartea

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