The Right Time To Accept

I made that time the right time to accept.
Prepared I was for rejection and neglect.
And seeking approval or attention to get,
Had not been to me offered.
Too early I discovered and young I knew,
To ignore feelings I had to express regrets.
When finding my own time,
Right for me to accept.

I knew what it meant and felt to create.
I knew my efforts to endeavor to make.
Choices to choose from I limited to few.
To know the ones most comfortable,
I could not deny them or refuse.
I made my time the right time to accept.
And with it I've done to do,
No less than my best with that time I used.

'You shouldn't be doing that.
You should be doing this.'

I've done that to make my time,
The right time to accept.

'You could have 'this' if you did 'that'.'

I had that to get.
And if I wished with it to choose,
I could if I wanted get it back.
But 'this' happiness I possess,
Is with a time that is mine...
Without regrets to expect or accept them to deny.
I'm just too close to know what makes me happy.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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