VE (9-20-1961 / Cape Girardeau)

The Righteous Woman

A righteous woman is a rare thing to find,
And worth much more than gold.
She’s true to her man,
He knows in his mind
She’ll always be there for him to hold;

She’s a hard-working lady,
who feeds her family well,
And after working hard all day, she
still can make her husband yell,
“Precious Lady, I thank God
you fell into my open arms;
You fill my life with
oh, so many charms.”

She’s strong of body,
And sound of mind,
With a heart of compassion
That’s unusual to find;
She’ll never turn away
A soul truly in need in need,
(Maybe that’s why her house has
so many cats to feed!)

She’s got a head for business,
Spinning straw into gold,
She’s weaves a bright legacy
For her family to hold.
Invests her time and knowledge,
Then makes a move that’s bold.
She looks for innovations
To simplify her work,
With unfailing sense of duty
which she will never shirk.

She has no fear about
Winter’s rain or snow,
She gratefully harvests her garden
After nurturing it to grow,
Then she preserves its glorious bounty
in a cool space below;
Food for the harsh season, to go with the flow.
Her woodshed’s full of oak and pine,
Her cellar’s stocked with dandelion wine,
The quilts in her house are soft and warm
So she’s got no cause to feel alarm.

She’s an asset to her husband;
Folks treat him with dignity,
because she helped him work a plan
to be all he could be.
When asked for his opinion
by rich, important men,
He talks it over with his lady
Before getting back to them.

She is calm and confident,
Faces the future with a smile;
Knowing her family loves her and
dreaming all the while
of her children’s children’s children,
crowded round her knee,
Listening to the tales
their Omah tells,
with amazement in their smiles.

Her words are filled with wisdom,
Her actions full of grace,
The sweetness of her spirit
lasts longer than a pretty face.
Her unity of purpose-
To pass her wisdom on-
Will reach for generations
Long after she is gone.


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