The Righteous

They have chosen to elect themselves,
The righteous.
Those who live life correct...
Under the Sun.
And under the Moon and Stars,
They deem themselves...
The Center of the Universe!
The reason why this Earth was created.
And in denial they sit,
Refusing to believe...
Other life forms have arrived,
For many to observe their presence...
As they visit!

Leaving all to wonder 'who' and 'what'
Can declare they are much more...
Intellectually advanced.
And 'who' and 'what' lives an existence,
Far more enhanced.
And 'who' are we on this Earth...
Struggling with issues of conflict and division,
Has the power to convince anyone coming to visit...
We can be hospitable to them,
When we can not appreciate our own home...
To prepare for any guests!
And 'they' who are coming in droves,
Already know we have self contempt!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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