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The Rill From Claramore

Babbling in the fields of Claraghatlea the Rill from Claramore
At the beginning of it's journey to the far Atlantic shore
By hedgerows and by ditches it babbles night and day
On towards the bigger waterways it winds it downhill way
Among it's distinctive babble on evenings in the Spring
The thrush sized waterbird of snow white breast the dark brown dipper sing
Beneath the bank in her hidden nest his partner on her eggs does lay
When the hawthorns are cloaked in their snow white blooms in the prime of the May
How old are the waterways would anybody know
Long before the birth of the first human being to the oceans they did flow
Long before the names of the Town-lands Claramore and Claraghatlea as they are known by today
The clear rill from the high Country downhill babbled it's way
To join the bigger waterways to the far Atlantic shore
It babbles on through Claraghatlea the Rill from Claramore.

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