Elegy. (I Hope I Was Kind)

A soulful soul, I swear you were,
And even now there is a stir
and a voice, I'm sure it's true
A loving voice that came from you.

A voice of question, or a plea
or a signal of your constancy,
Your life and mine are not apart,
My love for you
and your faithful heart.

I know that your paws
walk the same path as mine,
as I tread where I led you,
I hope I was kind?

I wish most of all
that you think of me now
as the best of a friend
your sweet soul could allow.

I still hear you breathing
close by as you sleep,
And your legs
are still twitching
to scamper and leap

I still see your eyes
as they search into mine,
into depths of a forest
in primordial time

Eyes of trust, and of hope
and so often of play,
And they stay with me now
though your path
ebbed away.

I know your small paws
walk the same paths as mine,
as I tread where I led you

I hope I was kind.

by Robert J Fielding

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One of my favourite poems
A magnificent poem and reminder of schooldays more than 70 years ago. I could se a ballet being made of this, if it has not already been done.
This is a magnificent poem, however I prefer the 1798 version, without the glosses. I find those disruptive of the mood, and as welcome as a comic explaining his joke before he delivers the punchline.
I had a part of this when I was in 10th class. Since then it has been one of favourite poems. [3
Here the poem makes wonderful feeling to its readers and every episode narrated in the poem seems to be very real episodes that had happened to the Mariner. In spite of the challenges and difficult experiences prayer makes them so powerful and and spirited always. Every sentence is having realism and perfection and enjoyable to the reader in its own spirit and life events. Here I know the water water everywhere........lines is the most favored lines in world readers and relevance to the world almost all time. A great achievement and poem from the great poet.
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