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The Ring Of Solitude

Trapped by the magic of passion, poisoned from the kiss of my mistress
walking through my dark nightmares, watching reflections of my life
staring into different shadows, chasing something that is called lovingness
Just another man alone in this ruined society, trying to clear this darkness with light

A world is being consumed by hypocrisy and hate and i have one question to make
Will we ever learn to feel? or we must be like emotionless machines
Still hopeless i cant find someone who is real, , my voice is hepless but i know the end is near
they are all lost in their vagueness sacrificed their lives for something that it seems so weird

Mystic journey to my lost land, fire and bones fall from the burning sky
some creatures are still close me, i have to leave them behind
And when the earth starts to crumble and all the riversides run dry
i take the ring of solitude with me because with this i can stay alive

No more faith in false visions like yours, you abandoned me in this gloom cell
i see a glitter star in the sky it reminds me different times and i cry
broken dreams are still torturing me and i cant go back, i will no go back again
but memories are painful sometimes all are in vain, we cant, even if we want to explain

We have time to remember our feelings, but we must break up the chains of insincerity
the cold reality is our common foe, but we have the weapon of dignity
we can make our dreams come true and make our souls fly away from this bad life
just come close to me i'll be watching over you clean the teardrops from your eyes

I lived through lies, i lived through their hate but know i will make them pay
some of them are close to me, they dont want me to stay awake
And when i dont have anyone with me and no one can realize
i take the ring of solitude with me because this i can stay alive

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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well-written! just love it! the words are interesting...