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Loud Storm
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Loud Storm

Are you for real?
You better kneel
This mouth's a criminal, 'cause you'll be dead off top
What I did will have the kids on the block in a state of shock
I gets em agg to the point they aint feeling me
can't move how I move cause I move so legendary
got the heart of a panther, the world's a jungle,
i'm the master,
have you following what becomes the standard
i'm the gold that you will treasure
understand the principles of pleasure
put in one hundred percent or you'll get dropped
Check them records you see them wins I've copped
it's the K to the E, you don't know who I be?
Just ask around and find about a bish story
cause you ain't saying much of nothing
a little hate takes a pinch of loving

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Comments (2)

A touching expression has been made on riots. Beautiful poem.
Your poem is headline news in stanza form. Nicely done. : -)