The Risk Taker

The risk taker,
Seldom sneaks around like a cat.
The risk taker,
Witnessed isn't doing that.
The risk taker,
Faces obstacles to attack.
To leave the risk taker,
Not often on his back.

Unafraid to take chances...
People taking risks,
Don't excuse the doing it.
Unafraid to take chances...
They talk and walk in faith.
And not look for escapes.
Unafraid to take chances...
Risk takers create,
Their own moves to make.

Unafraid to take some chances,
The risk taker seldom sneaks around like a cat.
And unafraid to take their chances,
The risk taker witnessed always seems to do that.
Unafraid to bet their chances,
On a walking in faith.
To leave behind the fakers with excuses to make.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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