The Rite Of Passage

Some live to step,
From one stage of life...
To graduate to another.
Without much attention given...
To an acceptance or expectations.
And others exposed,
To ceremonies of rituals...
Without discipline or determination,
Are dressed to impress...
For a part of life to play,
Awaken to realize...
Their rite of passage,
Is meant and intended...
For them to recognize,
Being accountable and responsible...
Is much more than a 'rite'.
But a part of life,
Real and delusion free.
Many become to dislike to perceive,
'Rights' are entitlements,
Automatically dispensed to get handed
Without proving them deserved.
Or earned to validate a process,
Others have been groomed to achieve.
And this leaves...
Many seeking rituals and ceremonies.
Instead of the realities of life,
To find...
The realities of life,
Is lived far less ceremoniously.
Leaving no one prepared to face,
An abundance of B.S. to confront...
On a daily basis.

This is the 'rite'...
If one passes successfully,
Is the achievement one deserves...
To be rewarded and seen to receive.
With it known a kept determination,
Had not been done easily.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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