The Ritual For The Ravens

Women dressed in black cloth, leather, and feathers
One with a sword of silver
One with a bow and arrows of brass and wood; the warriors
One with one covered in Iridescent black shimmering in green feathers and a beak; the Raven Goddess
One with long gray frizzy hair and a staff made from a twig with lightening scars; the crone
One wearing a crown made of twigs and black feathers; the sovereign queen
The raven sister throws bird seed into the air
The queen speaks about fear in our hearts and in our minds
The crone recites an invocation in Gaelic
The warriors stood watch after lighting the fires of the four directions
Arms raised in prayer the women of the woods gave thanks to the Mother and to the Raven Queen
They danced around the fire in honor of themselves and gave thanks for their community

by Shala Drake

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