Route To Sail Venice Palace

Line of life, is drawn by him for all living being
And that is a two dimensional image, a meaningful scale
The line of his as it met with hers, born was a tale of love
Dancing to fur Elise, the infinite love ambigram was there born at Rome

A magic to the miracle of melodious music, happy couple were they
Never tied he her noilaa, for togetherness, a word of hope was fine a’time
Possessed they what so ever may be required to be a husband n’a wife
Though did not they acquire ownership of each others free to dome.

Made they the houses of clay, played they a family all day in wine
Gazed they together that wishing star, Crossed they together sky n Oceans
Plays of russe, holding shoulder and necks they played that beautiful dance
Through that kaleidoscope saw they that dream of togetherness again there

She has to marry someone, said once her mom, heard the same asked she why
Because you are a girl; from somewhere there came that reply
Asked she who is he? Dad Murmured in that dark background-Keep quiet! ! !
Oh! No, She cried; none other than him, begged she that while.

Who will support the fantasy of this lad, apart from him none did.
A million times told was she to forget that old fairy tale
Never will she, I bet the whole world bets with you
So she was given a memory eraser, and there she forgets all that past

A thousand miles apart send was she to her aunt
An unwritten story was told to be her faithful past
And nowhere did he exist ever in that rhyme of Rome
Mind she had died just, who would want to live without soul mate

A decade later comes she back to that old house where lives her dad
Sees that old album that had pictures that spoke aloud the forgotten chapters of love
Aura-whispered she as she recollected a history, that was hers and his story
Demands she to take her to where he lived so she could see that pigeons unread letters

An unopened purple embroidered cover, sealed a decade back receives she here written RSVP
Opens she there and finds a map-Route to Sail Venice Palace, and nothing to Repondez Sil Vous Plait
Sail aforth she to reach that final destination, why is it taking so long time, thinks she, thinks me
Fur Elise-that music, hears she, without a full stop, Ten years since those bells are ringing, runs she

To reach that hall where pin drop silence ashamed, as the melody stole the radius of that palace
The unwinding tone of perfection, breeze that shook them once upon a remarkable time
Rhythm had them applaud to the vibes of that golden era, close your eyes and see it once
A fairy tale written a decade ago revolves around their foreheads in slow motion.

With joy and merry round they go, piano still singing, forgetting all those pains that passed
Step by step they reach those unreachable stars, and gets up they, from where they did start
Her hairs then running through those semi grey hairs of his, tears of hers falls down
Weeps he aloud as his tears rested in her laps and slowly dried

Happiness dwelled as he made her remember
All those instances they danced in rain, and kissed in every lane
None can see such an emotional psychedelic trance, and so did not i
Heard I but, those silent breaths that came, same as what we expected

What apart from love is permanent, say you, say I?
Whispered she the saddest truth of her dying of cancer, and there the music stops
As she faints there comes her dad and takes her, God knows where?
He walks back and starts the music, as for him this day was just a nightmare after a good dream?
(He continues until the day when he gets a letter from her-RSVP-Route to sail and visit paradise)

by VaishakSeetharam Dattani

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sara your poem is very nice
Sara Teasdale is a great Sara Teasdale and poet! I love this Sara Teasdale poem! Thank you Sara Teasdale for writing this amazing Sara Teasdale poem!
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