The River

I can wait no more to find my love
That wrangles the moon to come ashore
So instead I walk a little too
To leave the longings in throes of yore

My humble toddling rivulets
Waiting for the forceful storms
Coalesce to form a superior force
Wrought in chaotic forms

Pleasantly mirroring the skies above
I journey with the stars
Straddling by the watchful mountains
Assuage their lofty scars

And I shall be there gushing through
To the darker side of the midnight
Pouring endlessly from saturnian declivities
Splashing past and fuming bright

The minutes trespasses my bearings
And I find my ways to fall
How skirmished in palatial enormities
I dissolve and take it all

Thence yond skyline I meet my love
With distilled emotions like sparkling wines
Little by little I keep mingling my love
As sleepeth the endless times

by Stranger ...

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