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The River Erdre.
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The River Erdre.

Poem By Gillian.E. Shaw

Then run along the riverside
upon a time a French King's pride
viewed vast breadth and gentle ripples;
glitter, glisten, glow and twinkle.

Inhale the bird infested air
of clearer blue and high up there
free to soar the highest heights
a brighter day as one takes flight.

The heron builds a mighty nest
and seagulls plague us overhead!
Wild yellow iris fill the banks,
in spring, the Lord is given thanks.

As river flows around the bend
perfection reflected; sunlight sends
and man created paint and brush
to capture the views colorful, lush.

Painted river boats and barges,
sailing craft of varied sizes
and floating buss' run on time;
canoe or pleasure where we may dine.

So run, run by the riverside
upon a time a French King's pride.
Cycle paths and dogs who linger.
Glisten, glitter, row the river.

For Egal Bohen.

October 2005

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Comments (6)

Wonderful poem on a river.10++
A beautiful, refreshing, lush, sunlit poem, full of ripples, reflections, and yellow iris that creates an amazing image Gillian - gets more impressive every time I read it - thank you so much for writing it Egal..
Why do I feel as though I have just seen it and walked along its banks, when I have never been there? You have the poet’s gift of capturing the essence and allowing us to survey its beauty. Love Duncan
A lovely poem that brings back my own memories of the River Erdre from some fifteen years ago. Well done!
Gillian, Thank you that's wonderful! What a beautiful picture of this bustling French River which I think flows seawards quite naturally. As a Francophile I hope a lot more of France will flow across these pages as the seasons change. You are in the right place to do it! Thank you very much. Egal Bohen...