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The River Of Time

A flowing river,
So slow, so tender,
Carrying grains of fine sand
Through its flowing veins.
As They helplessly follow the stream,
A clear vision of a blurry path
Could be seen, reflected by
The clear liquid mirror,
Revealing, recalling, reminding,
The precious moments in life that
With the river of time,
Washes away and forgotten.

Just stop for a while,
And look around we can see,
How time has changed us,
How the tide has carried us,
Closer and closer to our sightless destination,
Just pause for a while,
And look behind we can see,
Bittersweet memories, Unforgettable moments,
Seem so far away when we reach out,
With only the dreams of past we can grasp.

The river and its endless flow,
Steady and calm it goes,
Within it the sands
Are caught in the middle,
With no route to break free,
Till the sands are sent away,
Till life is cast away,
Where the journey of the soul is whole.

The pure river of time,
Is often polluted by thoughtless fools,
The divine beating of the river’s heart,
Is blackened by those heartless beings
That fail to realize
The priceless gift that surrounds them,
As they waste the moments in life,
On meaningless ideals,
On hollow accomplishments.
Life goes on with time,
As time goes on, so will life,
So treasure time, As you will treasure life.

“Through the river of time I find,
timeless is life as time is life,
love time as life,
as life is time.” –Alex M.J(’07)

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ur poems are pretty amazing!