Human Emotions

Sundry emotions reside in the heart
Shielded by a concrete wall
The feelings are buried deep inside
Indiscernible to the outside world
Under high stress, there appears a crack
Emotions start pouring out
The flow is so potent, frees our heart
The wispy heart once again becomes burden free

by Kavitha Krishnamurthy

Comments (8)

Love the River idea! Rogerx.
And this just flows like a gentle stream. The rhythm and rhyme are superb and are matched by the message. You are the non pareil on this territory Linda. Excellent! jim xx
Wow, great stuff, Linda... a wonderful message and brilliantly worded! Brian
Absolutly beautiful piece of work, Top of the class, The wording and mood are perfectly matched to the theme and layout of progression, You have excelled yourself and many others, well done.
Linda, your words are so true, I know from experience how well they hit home. A beautifully written poem with such a lovely rhythm that carries the reader along. I loved it. Thank you for sharing such a great piece. Top marks from me. David
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