! The Road Ahead

We must grow with silence,
Through the winter of our
Ignorance as we wait the
Spring of change, to grow
With favor in the warmth of
Summer sun and rain. When
Autumn comes we hear the
Fruits of our silence, then an
Understanding comes to
Give us strength, to face
Our new winters without
Fear but with a new joy and
Appreciation for everything
True, that comes our way.

by Bob Blackwell

Comments (9)

Autumn will prepare us - we will walk the road of winter where many wise species hibernate...silence is always best - A very meaningful write
happy journey ahead, Bob! Many autumn days would gain strength from your wisdom words...meanigful write...thanks...10
lovely poem..winter is a harsh thing for you all..for us it is the summer..the inner nature of human made to grow in the spring and he is prepared to face winter..lovely write
You are such a fine wordsmith. Strength for the journey, my brave friend. Kind regards, Sandra
Bob I really love your alliteration in the first couple of lines here, - we must grow with silence in the winter of our ignorance, , , , wonderful and the rest of the verse conducts us around the sasons of change in life. You write with such wisdom. from Fay.
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