Hades' Inner Circle

Like a vulture grooming
Its vulnerable carrion
The demon approached me today.
It was as though our destinies
Had been condemned to intertwine.

The demon spoke to me
In soft and unassuming vocals
I felt vulnerable.
The world around me crumbled
Disingenuous, this was demonic forte.

The demon dealt a blow
Disorienting, mystifying
I was scathed.
The demon’s power unfurled
Many, most, imprudent…ensnared

The demon savored bloody victory
Once, thinking it was triumphant
The demon was wrong.
I still had life, I had endured
I rebounded, the demon recoiled,

Like a battered combatant, ceased fighting.
Once lionized decorated and faith’s beacon
The demon conceded mid fray.
Yet that I was in his inner circle
And had judged him divine, stings,
Grounds this archangel and dims his bright wings.

by Richard John

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A hard road to walk at times. You have displayed this nicely. Patricia