'The Road Of Destiny'

Cruel life can be with twists and turns galore
its no wonder when people cant take anymore.
Trust and honesty you do rely so much upon
how much it hurts when you realise its gone.

Your travel down a road not sure to where
standing all alone you just look and stare.
Which way do I take lost, alone and cold
forward I should go but can I be so bold.

The dreams ive dreamt so many times before
alone at night of one behind the closed door.
Did the road lead me here to find what I desired
what I found was beyond a dream that I admired.

Here I didnt feel lost everything felt right
here I stand bewildered nothing in my sight.
Heart beating faster a panic attack I fear
emotions emerging in the form of a tear.

Can I find my way from where I am today
will the hand of fate help me on my way.
As I wander aimlessly toward the oak ahead
sitting now I wonder how was I so easily led.

The road you take you cannot always see
where you will end up sometimes a mystery.
Taking this turn and that to find your destination
making all the right turns is your determination.

But when life offers a comfortable place to be
you dont want a detour from what you can see.
The road of life you travel either happily or sad
only you will know if it turned out good or bad.

As the sun sets another day of my life is done
collecting my thoughts as I walk away as one.
The road ahead is blurry no sign post do I see
tears falling following the road called destiny.

..6 march..7.49.uk

by Chris Boyles

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A hard road to walk at times. You have displayed this nicely. Patricia