'The Road Of Life'

When your feeling down and sad and feelings wont go away
when all you want is to be happy and feel good all day.
You have a life thats been wasted and its not had chance to live
and you just want to be yourself you have so much to give.

Why are things so hard to find as you travel along lifes road
how hard it is to cope with things when they hit overload.
You try so hard to do whats right and to make things work
but these deep and inner feelings are driving you beserk.

One day your really happy things seem to be on your side
then next your looking to the heavens above for your spirit guide.
You have your friends they are there and help you to get by
but the time comes when you question everything and ask why.

Why am I really here, and is it all just some big test
to see how you cope with youre life compared to all the rest.
All you want is to be loved to feel your life is worth while
you want to have your family near as you travel each hard mile.

You know there are others in worse situations than yourself
and just to be alive, wake up each day and be in good health.
But should we be content with what we have to bear
are we just looking for someone special who will really care.

Life deals the blows, thats how it is you cope the best you can
but when you feel so empty nothing seems to work as you plan
You take things out on those around on those you love so dear
to try to explain how you feel you cant seem to make it clear.

My poem is done, my heart is heavy, just needed to write this down
as I sit and think where I have been and going, wearing this frown.
I'll bounce back I always do, its what ive got used to doing now
to start afresh, apologise, make amends is all I can do some how.

27th march 2004..18.41

by Chris Boyles

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