The Road Of Life..

Poem By bhavin palan

the roads walked upon.....
my hand in your hand.....
hearts wrapped in cozy warmth.....
love and trust knowing no bounds.

the roads walked upon.....
with feet trancing for joy.....
giggly smiles and goggle eyes.....
the same funny stories...once, twice and trice.

the roads trudged upon,
with shoulders slumped,
legs drained of all strength,
and yet,
through hugs and tears,
through griefs and fears,
hope is the hat rack we hang our dreams upon.....
together, we await a bright, sunny dawn.

and now,
the same nooks,
the same corners,
the same bends,
the same roads,

the roads that stare at me...
and i turn around,
for i hear you call me,
but what i see....
is the roads, only the roads.
gleamy, foggy, n scary........widout you! ! ! ! !

Comments about The Road Of Life..

love is is painful......but its great... sweet poem....
when the feeling is love.....the other side of the coin is pain......

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