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The Road To Always
JM (August 16,1988 / Tenessee)

The Road To Always

Poem By Jon McIntosh

It began as a narrow path,
some miles back,
where I got on.
Dirt was all it was, this road.
Just a dirt path.
Trees lined it, as if on parade,
sights were waiting just beyond those trees.

The dirt opened up a bit,
then gravel led the way.
Sights could be seen.

Gravel has given way to concrete,
then concrete to asphalt.
The road to always continues to twist and turn,
leading me now,
on that asphalt.

The trees that once lined the road
seem to have vanished from existence.
The sites to see have been seen.
The end is in sight.

What is that I see?
A person waits for me?
There He stands in white robes aglow,
at the end of the road.
His hand is outstretched,
His word is 'love'.
My Savior has waited for me,
I knew He would.

The road to always was hard and long,
its potholes were many,
its turns were few,
but now.
at the end,
I am happy.

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Comments (3)

I really like this poem, thanks for sharing it. :)
Impressive poem. What a brilliant poetic idea: the road to always! The way you describe it, is really fantastic. I just wish for myself I could stay on the tarmac. Quite often I feel there are so many sandy parts alternating with the tarmac. Luckily there are some trees along the sandy parts that help a bit to get me back towards the highway. Wow, you got me really thinking. IMy thought train may move along differnt lines than yours originally but that is ok. It is a great poem. Thanks
Great poem, well written and thought out. Your sincerity is very evident, enjoyed it much!