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The Road To Nowhere
DWW ( / Dansville, NY, USA)

The Road To Nowhere

Poem By David W. Wirth

There’s an old dirt road that leads to nowhere; on it lies natures best.
As you start to walk go over the knoll and look just off to the left.
Here is where the deer will lay, in a field beyond the pines,
And the noise you make while sneaking up, will turn their heads in time. With a few gallant strides they’ll disappear, off into the woods they’ll go.
There is a chance you may see them again further on down this road.
Now further on down "the road that goes nowhere" and off on a narrow spoor.
Lies the peacefulness of a distant pond that will leave you wanting more. And more there is along this road, more of what nature can give.
Alive in all its beauty, in the land where the animals live.
From the squirrels playing by the side of the creek, to the song of the wind in the trees.
From the fast little rabbits scurrying home, how could you not notice these? From the smell of the air to the feel of the water, to the touch of a solid rock.
From the sight of the fish as they swim in that pond to the sound of a woodpecker’s knock.
From the eagle that soars high above to the river that rushes below.
From the landing that renders such a wonderful view that only nature can show. All of this on a road that goes nowhere,
As it ends where it began.
And each time it’s traveled it’s different,
That’s just the way God had it planned.

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